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Why an App
Can Change Everything?

Get more personal

  • Push notifications straight to your customers’ pockets
  • 1 out of 2 users worldwide consume via a mobile app
  • 222% increase in mobile traffic during the last 7 years
  • 52% of web surfing through smartphones

Ahead of the competition
with Personalized Marketing

  • Tailor your product/services to your customers’ needs
  • Market your customers based on their online behavior
  • Target consumers based on their interests, location, demographics, spending habits, et cetera
  • Track user engagement
  • Offer custom recommendations
  • Broaden your market coverage with more touchpoints. Without an app, you may be missing out on a segment of the market that simply prefers to do business that way

Next Level Branding

  • Enhance Brand Loyalty
  • Cross-platform Brand Recognition
  • Become an Integral Part of Your Customers’ Mobiles
  • Hyper-targeted marketing
  • App Icon Acts as your Brand Advertisement
  • Offer a seamless experience
  • Enhance your Brand Consistency

Leverage Device Capabilities

  • Use the device’s features and hardware to your advantage
  • Enhance customer experience through push notifications, tap-to-call/email, device vibration, alerts, camera, instant and automatic updates et cetera

Offline Access

  • Customers can access information anytime, anywhere
  • Stay connected with your users while they are offline

Customer Engagement

  • Design your Mobile Interface with Purpose
  • Let Users Become More Immersed in your App Experience
  • Offer more interactive ways for the user to engage with your content.
  • Deliver Value to a User = User Will Return Frequently
  • Form a User Habit
  • Boost conversion rates

Get feedback

  • You can easily get actionable insights from your customers by conducting an “in-app” survey, or by analyzing customer reviews in the app store
  • Analyze your customers’ behavior and recognize where they are most likely to abandon your app
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Trust the Nerds

.NET | Xamarin | C# | Android | iOS | Azure

Do these all sound too "techy" to you?

They should be! Just rest assured that we do both native and cross-platform development, securing app compatibility both for Android and iOS devices. What’s more, we use only frameworks powered by top players in the field (such as Microsoft), ensuring unobstructed services (and the closest you can get to lifetime support).

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