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First solve the problem, then write the code*

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mobile app development

Building a mobile app is more than code and design. Our goal is to provide solutions that fit your specific needs.

We focus on fully understanding your vision and the purpose of the app. Through analysis, consulting, and feedback, we will lay out the exact plan of what needs to be done, to create a successful and optimal product. We will work together, each step of the way, to ensure that you get what you asked for and even more.

To turn your idea into a mobile app, we use tech created by one of the strongest players in the market, Microsoft. For years our team has utilized the mighty .Net framework.

Using Xamarin as our mobile application development platform was exciting from the beginning and as it evolves, we are happy we made this choice. Xamarin was a pioneer and continues to be a leader in the field.

UI/UX design

We always follow the latest design patterns, but we strongly believe that beauty lies within simplicity.
Simple, elegant designs and natural, self-explanatory user experience, is the way we like to do things.


our process

Development Process

From your vision to a launched product, we follow a multi-step development process to make sure that you will get the best mobile app possible
floppy | app web cloud development | Thessaloniki, Greece

1. Vision

An initial discussion during which you describe your vision to us, without any technical details or limitations.

floppy | app web cloud development | Thessaloniki, Greece

2. Requirement analysis

We work together to put your vision on paper! At this stage, a clear picture is formed of how the structure, size, and requirements of your App will be.

floppy | app web cloud development | Thessaloniki, Greece

3. Design

It’s time for app architecture, structure, and prototyping, with a lot of feedback from you!

floppy | app web cloud development | Thessaloniki, Greece

4. Development cycles

We divide the project into cycles. For each one, we add functionality/data and demo it to you, in order to take feedback, and make changes. The cycles continue until we have a complete app.

floppy | app web cloud development | Thessaloniki, Greece

5. Quality Assurance

End to end functionality tests take place at this stage, and the App is demonstrated once again to you! Based on your input, we proceed with the final changes.

floppy | app web cloud development | Thessaloniki, Greece

6. Delivery

It is time to shine! We deliver a fully functional app to you, and monitor the process as it goes live, to ensure everything runs smoothly and according to the plan.

floppy | app web cloud development | Thessaloniki, Greece


We handle all the necessary workload to keep your app up and running.

floppy | app web cloud development | Thessaloniki, Greece

New features

Add new features and publish new versions of your app!

floppy | app web cloud development | Thessaloniki, Greece


Once complete and handed over, the app is yours to do whatever you think best!


our team

Great ideas to life, we bring *

Meet our Team

Behind Floppy you will find passionate, self-driven professionals, dedicated and enthusiastic about their work.
A highly experienced team, that can understand your specific needs and offer a unique solution, tailored just for you.
By trusting team Floppy you can rest assured that your product will be built using the best tech out there.
Besides great professionals, team Floppy is a group of amazing people, and this is what makes us stand out.

The people behind Floppy

lead developer

Vasilis Kroustalis

Vasilis is a co-founder and our lead software engineer.
Enthusiastic and passionate, he is always ready to lead every project to success. Through his extensive career, he has been part of large international teams and projects but also joined exciting new startups. Forward-thinking and open to new ideas, he always enjoys adopting new tech and methodologies. Besides being an expert in mobile application development, he has excellent skills in managing projects and teams, in order to deliver high-quality results.

UI/UX designer

Antonis Antoniadis

Antonis is a co-founder and our UI/UX expert. Always up to speed with the latest developments in design patterns and user experience, he creates strong, elegant, elementary designs. Through constant research and studies, he innovates and delivers high-quality, intuitive results. Thinking out of the box, he has developed unique problem-solving skills. A valuable teammate, that will adapt to an app’s individual needs. Always aiming for perfection, his work adds value to every project.


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